Rental Spain

What if I want to rent out my Spanish property?

If you possess a property within the Valencian Community -the provincies Alicante, Valencia or Castellón- and you want to rent out your property, then you are obliged to register this property.

Rental Spain – how to register your property?

In order to register your Spanish property for rental, you need to fill in a form called Declaración Responsable which you can download

You need to specify the category of your property, choosing between (S) (Superior), (P) (Primera=First) or (E) (Estándar=Standard)

Rental Spain – where do I register?

The form can be presented in person or sent by mail to the one of following addresses, depending on the location of your property:
Servicio Territorial de Turismo Alicante, Calle Churruca 29, planta 3ª, 03003 Alicante
Servicio Territorial de Turismo Valencia, Plaza Alfonso el Magnánimo 15, 2ª, 46003 Valencia
Servicio Territoria de Turismo Castellón, Avda. Hermano Bou 47, 12071 Castellón de la Plana

Rental Spain – what happens after registration?

After registration you receive a number which you need to mention in all rental adverts. More and more property portals will be demanding this number if you want to place an advertisement.

Rental Spain – taxes

IMPORTANT: if you are “no residente” fiscally speaking (you pay your income tax outside Spain) then you need to declare your rental income in Spain, every 3 months! Before paying tax, you can reduce your rental income by the costs related to the property.

Rental Spain – how to determine the category of your property

As mentioned before, to complete the Declaración Responsable form, you need to identify the category of your Spanish property: (S) (Superior), (P) (Primera=First) or (E) (Estándar=Standard)

1.       Accesos, comunicaciones y estacionamiento

Access, conexions and parking

Access for guests Y Y Y
Elevator Y Y Y
-from floor 0+2 0+3 0+4
Stairs for guests Y Y Y
Parking for guests Y Y
2.       Instalaciones y servicios

Services and building quality

Insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation Y Y Y
Noise level
Electric points in all rooms Y Y Y
Average light, measured in lux
Fan or airco in bedrooms Y
Fan or airco in other rooms Y Y
Telephone or Internet Y
Warm water Y Y Y
Private or community garden Y
Pool or first line beach Y Y
Safe Y Y
Emergency plan with escape route, on the door Y Y Y
List with telephone numbers in case of emergency, in a visible place Y Y Y
3.       Dimensiones de las viviendas

Dimensions of the houses

2-p bedroom in m2, incl wardrobe 12 10 8
Main bedroom in m2, incl wardrobe 14 12 10
1-p bedroom in m2, incl wardrobe 9 8 6
-in case of high sleeper bed, extra m2 4,5 3,5
Living-dining-kitchen in m2 26 22 18
Living-dining in m2 20 17 14
Bath room(s)/Shower Room(s)/Guest Toilet Y Y Y
-measurements, in m2 6 5 4,5
-max. number of guests: 4: min. 1 bathroom 1, 6: min. 2 bathr.
Kitchen in m2 8 7 5
Separate washing room Y
Studio, in m2 34 29 24
4.       Dotaciones de las viviendas

Equipment and extra´s

In general, the house needs to dispose of furniture, cutlery, pots & pans, bed linen, towels, cloths, etc. All bedrooms need to have a closet, inside or outside the room, regardless of the category. All houses of categor S or P need to have a color TV.
Kitchen (min 2 ring cooker max. 4 guests, min. 3 ring cooker with more guests) Y Y Y
Fridge Y Y Y
Electric grill Y Y Y
Oven/Macrowave Y Y Y
Extractor Y Y Y
Washing machine Y Y
Dish washer Y

Rental Spain – documentation to be attached to the application

Besides the form called Declaración Responsable, you need to attach the following:

  1. Copy NIE owner
  2. Declaration by the town council that the property is suitable for tourist rental. Some fees apply, they vary according to each town.
  3. Fit for habitation licence. To be applied for at the town hall. Some fees apply, they vary according to each town.
  4. Each time you receive new guests, you need to fill in their personal details on a special form and deliver it to the Guardía Civil (in some places you can send it by email).
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