Purchase Assistance

Purchase Assistance by a specialist in your own language

Purchase Assistance by Viva Gestoria means buying with peace of mind. With our purchase experts that speak your language you feel comfortable when buying your property in Alicante province. We cover English, Dutch, Spanish and French.

Before buying

Before the purchase we do the necessary legal checks in order to establish the legitimate owners and registered square meters and find out if mortgages or other debts are affecting the property. We will also see to it that the property is not affected by the Spanish land grab law, the LRAU Valencia, which also applies to the province of Alicante. If the purchase advice is positive, we draw up a legally binding sales and purchase contract that defends your rights, with a proper translation in your language.

We can also assist you when you want to apply for a mortgage. We check the latest offers with several banks. Our working relationship with various bank managers in El Campello and Alicante make the process easier for you and often we obtain profitable conditions.

At the time of buying

During the purchase we will calculate the correct amount of plusvalia and see to it that this tax is retained and paid to SUMA, the local tax office. In case the seller is a Spanish non resident we will see to it that the required 3% non residents tax is retained and paid to Hacienda, the Spanish tax office. We will assist you at the notary, check and translate all the documents before you sign them. By law you are required to bring a qualified translator to the notary for the signing of the title deed. This is included in our services.

After the purchase

After the purchase it is important that taxes and stamp duties are being paid within 30 days after signing the title deed. Such to avoid fines for overdue payment. We will see to this, presenting the correct forms at the authorities. After the taxes and stamp duties have been paid, we will make sure that the house is properly registered in your name at the Registro (Land Registry). Only after this ownership becomes legally binding. We will also register change of ownership at SUMA and the water and electricity companies and set up direct debits for payment of municipal taxes and utility services.

Applying for a Spanish NIE and opening a Spanish bank account is included in our services as well.

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