NIE number application. The sooner the better.

NIE number application takes a long time

If you need a NIE number, be prepared for a long waiting process. In Alicante and most other places, NIE application is by appointment only. The current waiting time is as much as 3 months! The consulate is London is by far a quicker option.

NIE number, when do you need it?

When you want to purchase a house in Spain, you need a NIE number. Without NIE number the title deed can not be signed. Fortunately, no NIE number is required to sign the previous sales contract and reservation payment. Also, opening a bank account merely based on your passport should be possible. So, you can take the first steps to become owner of a Spanish home, also without NIE number.

NIE number. What do you need for the application?

In order to apply for a NIE number you need:

-original passport + copy

-1 color passport size photo

-to fill in a 790-012 form and pay 9,64 euro tax (at the Consulate such a form will be given to you and you can pay for at the Consulate, in Spain you need to fill in the form and pay the tax at the bank previous to your application, download:

-to fill in an EX-15 form, download: (Formulier EX-15)

NIE number application in Spanje. How do you make an appointment?

In order to apply in Spain for your NIE number, you need to book an appointment through the Internet Site of the Spanish Ministry. Unfortunately the information is in Spanish only.

NIE number application at the Consulate in UK. How do you make an appointment?


20 Draycott Place, London SW3 2RZ
Tel: 020 7589 8989
Fax: 020 7581 7888


63 North Castle Street
Edinburgh EH2 3LJ
Tel. 0131 220 1843
Fax: 0131 226 4568

NIE number application. Assistance by Viva Gestoria.

Viva Gestoria offers assistance with your NIE number application when you want to organize it in Spain. It is an additional service to the purchase assistance.

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