Spanish property purchase-7 reasons why you need unbiased assistance

Spanish property purchase- 7 reasons why you need unbiased assistance from someone who speaks your language

If you want a hassle free and safe purchase in Spain, then unbiased assistance is an absolute must. You probably fully agree with me that you…

  1. don´t want to buy a property that is built without the necessary licences
  2. don´t want to buy a property if it isn´t free hold
  3. don´t want to take over the tax debts of the previous owner

And ofcourse you do want:

  1. an overview of all facts and figures in an early stage;
  2. all official documents translated into English so that you understand what you are signing;
  3. all taxes to be declared and paid in due time and matter to avoid any problems in the future;
  4. all services in your name and their payments set up by direct debet.
Risicoloos & zorgeloos uw huis in Spanje kopen
Hassle free property purchase without the risks


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