Legalisation of Spanish property

Legalisation of Spanish property

What happens if the square meters that are officially registred in the nota simple are not correct? What to do? Call the deal off?

A lot of owners are in possession of a title deed with erroneous sizes and/or descriptions. Originally they may have bought or built a small house and later amplified it. Even for tax reasons they may have decided to declare only part of the built size.

If the difference between the registered and real size is significant, it is in your interest for future operations to have this legally modified.

How to legalize?

In order to legally modify things, an architect is needed to make a project of the real situation. Condition to do this, is that the amplification or pool is built according to the rules and building specifications of the town council. If not, the house can not be legally modified.

Beware! Since August 2014 new legislation came into force. Before the new law, illegally built houses, amplifications or pools, became ‘automatically’ legal after 4 years. Now this term is 15 years.

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