Nota simple: Spanish land registry

Nota simple: Spanish land registry

What is a nota simple? What does it tell you? Who applies for it?

A nota simple is a property registry filing from the Land Registry, as we more or less know it, but literally Property Registry (Registro de la Propiedad) and therefore not to be confused with the Catastro.

The nota simple tells you who is the registered owner. That is important information, because that should be the same person as you buy the property from. It also shows if the house is free of debts or maybe affected by a mortgage. You will find the legal size in square meters of the property and, if applicable, the plot size is mentioned as well.

A nota simple can be applied for at the Registro. Usually your gestor or solicitor applies for it and checks it before you sign the sales & purchase contract.

Just before signing the title deed the notary applies for the latest version of the nota simple, to make sure no last minute changes regarding ownership or debts have taken place that could obstruct the change of ownership process.

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